V130 Supernova Summer

V130 Supernova Summer


V MAGAZINE – Cara Delevingne reflects on her friendship with Kendall Jenner, from their introduction at Paris Fashion Week to the eventful nights out together that would ensue.

This cover story appears in V130’s SUPERNOVA SUMMER ISSUE on sale now!
The first time I met Kendall was 2014 at her first fashion week, but I really got to know her when we shared a car from a Chanel show in Paris. It was on the way to a Love shoot, and it was then that I realized how much more there was behind the girl that was sitting next to me. I was so curious to get to know her and make her feel comfortable because I know firsthand that it’s sometimes hard to really connect to people and feel safe in that world, especially in the beginning. Kendall was shy and reserved, but now I see it as an understandably guarded sensibility.

As the day went on and she saw I was also shy, but in a different way. I always acted goofy and made people laugh and her walls came down. The night after the shoot is when I honestly knew I loved that girl and would always have her back. It was one of the best nights of my life. We were staying at the same hotel, and we came up with a plan to escape as there were paparazzi surrounding it. I wanted to take her to my favorite places. We started at Crazy Horse and then ran around the Eiffel Tower, dancing and exploring. We went into a park and I played guitar with some people on a bench. We then walked into a random street and somehow ended up at a restaurant. We were invited downstairs where they were doing a lock-in. A load of French people singing and playing piano. I just remember feeling so free and comfortable. Smiling ear to ear and seeing that she never had been able to experience something like that. I really got to see how special and truly magical she is when she was able to feel, I guess, like everyone else. Not being watched or judged. She had so much on her plate for someone so young and that night we both forgot about all of that stuff. Just two young women on an adventure.

The best part about my relationship with Kendall is that no matter how much time has passed since we last saw each other, we pick up as if we’re still together on an incredible adventure—like that night in Paris. She’s fiercely loyal and incredibly strong (both physically and emotionally). The last thing we texted about was a recent dream I had about her—we were back in Paris, and I was being chased by an ex and she kind of rescued me. There was another night I had where I took her to a strip club but we dressed as a woolly mammoth—yes, you read that correctly. She was in the front and I was the back! These are stories about funny adventures, but we have shared some truly wonderful and also emotional times together. I know I can always count on her to be there and never judge me, and that goes both ways. It’s not that easy to find those friendships in life, so I am truly grateful to have her in my life. I am so proud of the woman [Kendall] has become and cannot wait to continue our “CaKe world tour,” because no matter where we are, we always seem to have some sort of adventure. Good, bad, or ugly, she is the perfect partner that will problem solve any situation. I could honestly go on forever, but I will keep this short! I love you, Kenny forever and always. x

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